Emergency response at Pacific is managed by the Pacific Alert Team, a team designed to strengthen the protection of lives and property during major emergency events on any of the three campuses within the University of the Pacific and to assist students, faculty and staff members when faced with personal emergencies on a University of the Pacific campus and/or within the community.

Pacific Alert Team operates under the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) model in disaster response and emergency management. The team receives continual training in critical issues that affect higher education institutions nationally and how they impact the Pacific community. The team attends training exercises each year in table top exercises or an emergency simulation to meet the requirements of the Department of Education. These exercises range from fires, hazardous waste, active shooter, smoke and a variety of other potential disaster situations. They are done in conjunction with the community first responders to ensure proper communication between the teams.

Pacific Alert Team (PAT) Members

Grant Bedford (Co-chair)
Executive Director, Public Safety
209.946.3034 (office)
Joe Berthiaume (Co-Chair)
Executive Director Housing
Rhonda Bryant
Associate VP for Student Life/Dean of Students
Margaret Caldwell
Univ. Budget Office
209.946.2583 (office)
Blake Crary
Administrative Coordinator, Public Safety
Kimberlee DeRushia
Associate Director, CAPS
Heather Dunn Carlton (Three city role)
Associate Dean of Students, Student Conduct & Community Standards
Ron Ellison (Advisory)
Associate VP, Business and Finance (Advisory)
Debby Fee
Student Loans, Business & Finance
Jared Gaynor (Advisory Team)
Chief of Staff, Provost Office
Wayne Germann
Administrative Lieutenant, Public Safety
Christine Giordani
Bon Appetite
Steve Greenwood
Director of Physical Plant
Svend Holst
Web Manager, Office of Communications
Linda Jeffers
Director of Human Resources
Peggy Kay (Advisory Team)
Director of Enterprise Applications 209.946.7385 (office)
Lynn King
Assistant VP for Student Life
Ronda Marr
Director, Procurement Services
Roberta Martoza
Director, Enterprise Risk Management, Enterprise Risk Management
Dave McAuley
Enforcement Services/CSO
Priscilla Meckley
Construction Planning
Liam Connolly
Senior Director of Media Relations
Lauren Miller (Advisory Team)
Assistant Director, Intl Program & Svs
Graeme Mitchell
Asst. VP Facilities Admin
Sia Mohsenzadegan
Director, Bon Appetit
Danny Nuss
Director, Services for Students w/Disabilities
Jonallie Parra
University Budget Director, Enterprise Risk Management
Emron Qarqat
QC Manager, Physical Plant
Carmen Simmons (Advisory Team)
Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Shelby Slaugenhaupt (Advisory Team)
Asst. Dir. Procurement Svcs, Purchasing
Rachel Soares (Advisory Team)
Technical Support Specialists Lead, Thomas J. Long of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Todd Sparrow
Laura Steed (Advisory Team)
Assistant Multifaith Chaplain
Stacie Turks
Director, Counseling and Psychological Services, Cowell Wellness Center
Steve Whyte
Events Manager
Craig Zenor
Manager, Physical Plant
Marge Grey
Associate Vice President for Strategic Communications
Deidra Powell
Senior Director of Media Relations

Other Campuses

Dan Soine
Director of Marketing & Communications

Pacific School of DentistrySacramento Campus
Eve Cuny
Director, Environmental Health and Safety,
Assistant Professor
Jason Darling
Assistant Director, Sacramento Campus Public Safety
Patrick Faverty
Director — Sacramento Physical Plant and Administrative Resources