In an Emergency:
Your safety is our primary concern. If there is an emergency or you witness suspicious activity, contact Public Safety by doing one of the following:

  • Call 6-3911. This will connect you to Public Safety from any on-campus phone.
  • Press an emergency call button on a “blue” light station. This will directly connect you to Public Safety on your campus.
  • Call Public Safety on the respective campuses:
    • Stockton: 6-2537 or (209) 946-2537
    • Sacramento: 4-7200 or (916) 739-7200
    • San Francisco: 5-6411 or (415) 929-6456

University of the Pacific is committed to providing a safe educational and working environment for all of our students, staff, faculty, and guests. While Public Safety provides 24-hour protection on all three of the university’s campuses, it is important that everyone in the Pacific community share in the responsibility of keeping themselves and others safe. Included on this website are important emergency resources and information that will help you and the university prepare, respond, and recover from a crisis situation.

How to respond to an emergency

University of the Pacific realizes that the greatest strength we have in minimizing the effects of an emergency is to have well trained students, staff, and faculty. In order to fulfill this objective, the university has designed this guide to instruct you on what you should do during a crisis or emergency. Learn more »

Emergency communications systems

Emergency messages will be sent out through multiple communication formats including PacificConnect (which sends emails, text messages and voicemails to those registered for the system), through a system that lets messages be distributed on all University IP (digital) phones, and through an outdoor speaker system on the Stockton Campus. Learn more »

Preparing for an emergency

The University of the Pacific believes that preparing for and reducing potential risks help in reducing the chances of an emergency occurring. Here are some helpful tips on how you can prepare for the next emergency. Learn more »

Pacific emergency/critical issue teams

University teams and groups that are responsible for preventing and responding to an emergency or critical situation. Learn more »